COSS Malaysia - Could you please remove this page

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Dear Sir/ Madam,

Could you please remove this page from the internet because it will make other people mislead. We are already not working with those schools any more. We are going to sell this brand name for other party for their business. It will pop up so internet as what we search it is really bad for their company profile so a new business. They will use it for study institute so it will make harm so please remove all these profiles from the internet.I will more appreciate and thankfully for your kind

Thank you,

God bless you.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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COSS Malaysia - Cheated by one of the malaysian college

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Respected Sir,

My name is Waqar Gul Memon, i am from pakistan.

i came to malaysia 2years back for my studies, i have done my English language course from EDU College in Malaysia, after that i applied in FTMS college for diploma in Business administration and i got the admission there, but i did not get my approval yet and the college asked me to pay my fees and join the classes, as i did so but after few months i still did not get my approval and visa, and i was already overstay there, my college was keep telling me that we will get your approval soon, but after couple of months college told me that the problem is from immigration department that’s why i am not getting my approval so the immigration said there is no name of WAQAR MEMON (passport: AW-0200731) in our system and there might be any misunderstandings.

Then my college suggested me to submit all my documents again so they can apply for my approval but this time they did not take long and told me that i am rejected because of overstay there, Then my college told me, there is a new department called EMGS, who has rejected me because i am over stay here, so i should go back to my country on the out pass visa and then college will apply again for me

i went to the immigration department with one of the person of our college, and i got the outpass and paid the fine amount by my college then next day once i arrived to the airport the immigration department told me that i can’t come back to Malaysia again for 5years and i got scared and i made contact to my college and told them all this story. My college said do not worry we will handle it and gave me 100% for visa.

After coming back to my country, college asked me to make a new passport so we can apply again, i have done my new passport as well after that i waited around 4 months but i did not get any of the updates about my admission, and now finally my college said that they can’t do anything the EMGS department has rejected my case and i am blocked in immigration as well. It looks like my college betrayed me and through me back!

So Respected Sir, I just want to ask you one thing, what was my fault? I was just studying there with good number of marks in exams. Help me out. I belongs to poor family and my father had done a lot for me so i can study good, Please help me out, i want to go back and finish my studies.


From : Pakistan

Passport number : AW-0200731 (Old) AW-0200732 (New)

Phone No : 00923342632792

Current Address : A:38 sunny bunglows qasimabad hyderabad near alamdar chok pakistan

was studying : FTMS Global College

Student ID : 1216532DF

FTMS college address : 24-30 jalan hang kasturi, 50000 kuala lumpur malaysia

tel: 603 2050 9595



I am expecting a positive feedback from you,

Thank you


Waqar Gul Memon

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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COSS Malaysia Fraud

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COSS is a fake agency and money suckers who are establishing after their crisis in Singapore. There are COSS offices in India, Si Lanka, Malaysia. Ms. Zahra Lalani is in charge of Indian Mumbai office. There are some sub agents also working around India and other countries. The COSS has recruited lot students to Singapore with fake promises to STEi college Singapore. They haven't give internships, false promises, taking huge money from students than course fee, havent give work permit in Maldives as they promise. When they give internships they just give dish washing in some shaggy places. Haven't paid agent commission properly.

Right now students and agents have come to know this issue. They are complaining CPE Singapore and MOE. Some students are even waiting to take action on Indian Mumbai COSS office.

Students and agents do not apply with COSS money suckers. Since they get trouble in Singapore they well planned with one of their Indian country manager and drained huge money from STEi college Singapore. The CPE still investigating this issue.

After this they have immediately used this money and set up a Malaysia COSS office office and making advertisements on Face book. Those likes are paid likes using advertisements, any one can do this.But its sad to see when some guys still fall to them and apply. They will realize after their personal experience.

Most of their promises are completely fake.

1. They are not Malaysian standard under law. They give some attractive fake offers more than school. This cannot be completed.

2. After studies there will be no work permit for students, there is huge money to be paid for that. Even local Malaysian agency can make it in lower cost.

3. Their working program is not a legal one in Malaysia. This is not internship or contract. Malaysia immigration never issue pass like that.

4. Student are placed for work under student pass in shaggy restaurants to wash toilets, dish washing garbage cleaning.

5. Their monthly pay is deducted in huge amount and passed to COSS office. If you ask, they may say this is training and when get work permit you earn high.

6. The schools are providing fake student passes some thing like to work out wit student pass and not attending the college.

7. They have got Malaysians and paying under table to settle some issues. Even if student complain at police it will only affect the student. So please keep away!!!

Monetary Loss: $4320.

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It was in the News (Sirasa TV in Sri Lanka) Cross Lanka : Stop paying !!!Pau

Delhi, Delhi, India #1219967

I am too planning to go to Malaysia through an who claims to be authorized under Victoria International College of Kuala Lumpur. The agent is "Forward Management Services " I have no idea how to check its authenticity .....can anyone help me.... Plzzz

to Yamini Ludhiana, Punjab Province , Pakistan #1239288

Hey Yamini

Even i got a call for the Forward Management Serives

N the gave the same details.

Even i am finiding a way to check out this company.

to Yamini #1282507

I am registra at Victoria International College.Sorry to say please don't come here no quality education and cheating student.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India #685126

I tried to apply from Indian Mumbai office to Malaysia. After seeing this site I just kept pending and went through some of their disappointing past to some of the guys.

Now I am gonna choose another agency... lol 8)


I still wonder how these fraud agencies exist??????? :eek :eek :eek :eek Where can we complain about them? :? :? :?

Chennimalai, Tamil Nadu, India #681562

Yes my brother applied with COSS and now facing problem in Malaysia. I could not complain in Tamil Nadu.

I have planned to go Mumbai and complain to police.

You gonna have a bad time COSS. I have all legal documents :( :( :( :( :(


Guys I can say one thing. Better every one complain police and make a full stop to this crime.

Also guys always double check your agents if they are making fraud. ,) They will have to pay Alla for all these stuffs

Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia #678411

COSS sent 3 of us to Malaysia they gave poor accommodation for 450 RM per month. We found a good place for 300 RM out side.

They never pay proper salary and we really work in worse conditions.

I hate COSS... :( :( :(

Gurgaon, Haryana, India #677589

I am a student from STEi who studies under COSS recruitment. They cheat me with no internship and extra 100 000 Rs Can any one help me to get refund. :sigh :sigh :sigh


I know these people they have open Malaysian office because their Fraud in Singapore has come to light. :grin :grin :grin

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